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Sohar Foundry and Marine Engineering Co. L.L.C.

Sohar Foundry and Marine Engineering Company is an Omani LLC. The company is a manufacturing and contracting company and is based in Sohar industrial area, Oman. The promoters of the company are having sound experience and knowledge in the same line of activities for the last 40 years.

Main object:

The main object of the company is to obtain projects in all areas of Engineering, construction and supply services and to establish a strong presence in Oman and in the entire GCC to implement and work on all the projects of Engineering with the specific mission of becoming one of the leading full services EPC in Oman.

The company will offer good quality and cost effective services in engineering, design, procurement, project management, construction and construction management and other consulting services in relation to the Aluminum industry.

The company plans to rapidly develop marketing alliances with industry leaders and pursue new sales of its services to industries. Quality control is our motto and to achieve this, we will control our production lines to assure that quality is met. All orders will be produced in a pre determined time frame.

Service Description:

The company wills expertise in the services it offer. With the wide range of services we offer, will allow our clients to choose their preferred benefit(s). These includes:

Engineering & Procurement (E&P)
Engineering & Construction (E&C)
Project Management (PM)
Supply of good casting products
Maintenance services
Management consulting and process technology development.
Other object:

In the near future, the company wishes to enter into joint venture with reputed international companies who have experience and capability in performing EPC projects and thereby will broaden the area of our activities by expanding into additional service areas.

Promoters’ Vision:

The promoters’ vision is to make it to be one of Oman’s leading industrial organization with operations across the Gulf States. In order to achieve our vision the company will focus on integrity and excellence and will continue to adopt the latest technological advances wherever they can be beneficial. Considerable effort will be directed towards joint venturing with leading international companies and equipment suppliers.

The company will be composed of high value strategic workshops in the sectors such as Aluminum, Petrochemical, Steel, Oil and Gas services. The company is positioning itself as an Industrial service and logistics hub. It intend to undertake a wide range of manufacturing & construction projects including, civil engineering works and providing quality casting foundry products which will be required in Oman.

Furthermore, the company intends to create a service center capable of providing technical and engineering solution to the Aluminum Smelters in Oman in particular and in the Middle East countries in general.


The company is promoted by Mr. Ahmed Ali Zaman and Mr. Mohammed Gaith.

Mr. Ahmed Ali Zaman is holding 50% share in the capital of the company. His investment in Sohar Foundry till date is approx. BD. 400,000/-


Our office is located in Sohar Industrial area, Oman. This location is quite ideal being near to the giant industrial complex. The promoter so far have already invested RO 800,000/-. This amount have been spent mostly on acquiring Sohar Foundry and Marine Engineering facilities located at the Sohar industrial area.


Building at Site # 1
The total area is 7600 Sq. Meters. out of which the built-up are is 3600Sq. Meters. This is located in a prominent position at the Sohar Industrial Estate, facing the main road, comprises of two adjacent but independent steel structure and concrete construction buildings of similar size, housing the operational workshops and the administered offices. All are of modern high quality construction which have been engineered and constructed adhering to high standards.

Building A

This comprises an open plan floor area where the entire fabrication and foundry operation will take place. A heavy duty 5 tons capacity overhead crane is already installed therein. We are considering upgrading this crane to 15 tons. A large capacity power supply is installed to cater to the demand of the induction furnace. A combined overhead and a underground water and circulation plant is installed outside the rear of the building which will cater to the cooling water requirement of the various items of the plant in the foundry. An integral two story block houses the management and
administrative office on the first floor. The ground floor shall be used for
the laboratory on one side of the entrance.

Building B

This building is identical in floor area to building A. but slightly less in
height. A heavy duty 5 tons capacity overhead crane is already installed therein. We are considering upgrading this crane to 15 tons. A range of workshop machines both new and refurbished are already installed. Good provisions had been made for electrical connections for future requirements by way of control equipment and under ground duct-work. A integral two story block houses the management and administrative office on the first floor, the ground floor will be used for performing all engineering drawings and other administrative works.

Building at Site # 2
The facility is located in a prominent position at the Sohar Industrial
Estate. The total area is 7200 Sq. Meters. out of that 4000 Sq. Meters is covered area and the rest is an open area. This facility has no cranes but has an industrial painting shop.


Atlas Transport Contracting & Mechanical Services Co. W.L.L

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Atlas Transport, Contracting & Mechanical Services Co. W.L.L. Established in 1987.


Building No. 01, Building 494, Road 3417, Block 634, Ma’Ameer, Kingdom of Bahrain

Company Turn Over:

2014 - BD 5.385 Million

2013 - BD 5.618 Million

2012 - BD 9.751 Million

2011 - BD 9.016 Million

2010 - BD 3.599 Million